Call it a “Neighborly Bond.”

Suburban Glass & Mirror recently had the pleasure of working with our neighbors at Rudy’s Pizza in Closter, NJ.  We created a counter-top pizza case using 1/2″ clear glass and a UV-based glue to adhere the glass panels together with an ultraviolet (UV) light to cure the glue within seconds.  The technology is incredibly strong and incredibly quick!  This ultraviolet curable glue is known for being “invisible”. Basically, the glue is so clear and so clean, that if applied and cleaned correctly, you cannot see any glue markings whatsoever.   Take a look and leave a comment letting us know what you think!

– Tony

A Shower Door is Not Just a Shower Door Anymore….

Over the past decade, advances in shower door hardware, glass types, and configurations have given homewowners’ the ability to achieve their aesthetic demands along with the desired function.  Here, at Suburban Glass, we receive quote requests through our website and via email daily asking, “How much for a frameless 5’ shower?” A request like this is the same as emailing a realtor asking, “How much does a house cost?” Prices can vary drastically.  Long gone are the days of providing quotes on minimal information.  It is impossible to accurately quote a shower enclosure that will be cost effective, functional, and meet a homeowners’ demands without fully understanding the customer’s expectations, the décor of the bathroom, and room layout.  Shower door configurations, hardware finishes, and glass types should be considered at the beginning of every project.  The location of toilets, vanities, shower heads, and plumbing can make or break the overall end user’s experience.


Sliding enclosures save space and allow for easier access to enter the shower and operation of the shower controls.  Sliding shower doors have evolved the most.  Everyone remembers the old style bypassing framed doors with the bottom track that was impossible to clean; those types of the enclosures are in the distant past.  Easy clean bottom tracks have replaced the old messy bottom ‘E’ tracks on the traditional bypass sliding doors.  Barn style single and double sliding doors have now become an everyday installation.  Swing doors have come full circle.  Originally, only framed enclosures were available, once frameless enclosures entered the market place, they ruled the shower door world for the three decades. Recently, in the ever evolving world of interior design, framed grid shower door have become the centerpiece of many bathrooms.  What configuration shower door is right for your home…that depends on you and your bathroom.  For more information on how to prepare your opening take a look at the “Shower Door Basics” section of our website.


Shower door hardware is available in a number of different finishes.  Chrome and Brushed Nickel being the most popular and provide the most flexibility.  Polished Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Matte Black, and Satin Brass are the next most requested finishes.  These more “exotic” finishes are not available in all types of hardware, and it is best to keep this in mind when shopping for your bathroom fixtures. These less standard finishes may limit your options when it comes to your shower enclosure.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss things like this while you are in the planning stages of construction.  Glass options and glass thickness present a number of different options. Consider this, we offer 8 different types of clear! Low Iron Glass and Shower Guard Glass have become extremely popular.  They help keep glass looking new and brighten up any room.   For more in depth information on glass types visit our “Shower Door Basics” section of our website.

Glass Railings 101

Glass Railings are HOT! Architects and homeowners love the open feel, clean lines, and modern décor that is inherent to glass railing systems. With the aesthetic benefits glass railing provide, they can be a liability from a safety stand point if the proper hardware and glass is not considered.


For decades monolithic tempered glass was the “go to glass” for these installations. Here in, lies the main safety liability. Monolithic tempered glass can break (from an impact or due to something called spontaneous breakage stemming from an imperfection in the original manufacturing of the glass) and when monolithic tempered glass breaks, it breaks into hundreds, if not thousands of small pieces of glass; anyone leaning against a glass railing or walking underneath a glass railing can be severely injured. Click here to read a quick article discussing the above stated issue that occurred at the W hotel in Austin TX.

The 2015 IBC, International Building Code, states that monolithic tempered glass can no longer be used as balustrades or infills in railings. The use of a tempered laminated glass is now required, so if the glass does break, it stays intact (similar to a car’s windshield). Although in effect, code enforcement has been marginal and a lot of monolithic tempered railings are still being installed despite all we know and have experienced. Tempered laminated railings are significantly more expensive and have longer lead times than monolithic tempered glass railings.

Here at Suburban Glass, we feel safety is at the pinnacle of importance and will only install tempered laminated glass railing systems. As consumers, it is important to know what you are buying and how it can dramatically affect your lives.

56 Years in Business!!

Newspaper article announcing Suburban Glass & Mirror’s grand opening on June 16th, 1961.

6/16/17 – 56 Years in Business!

“Only 36% of businesses will survive for their first 10 years.”
56 Years ago today – June 16th, 1961 – David Gangeri opened Suburban Glass & Mirror in Norwood, NJ.

We would like to offer our thanks to our loyal customer base.  Suburban Glass & Mirror prides ourselves on the craftsmanship of our experienced installers and the high quality of customer service provided by our office staff. Suburban Glass has survived and is thriving in this highly competitive and demanding time.

We look forward to servicing our customers, new and old, for many years to come.  Please visit our “About Us” page for more Suburban Glass history and visit our Facebook page for more recent projects and installs. SGM on Facebook